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Learn to Read and Type 300 MORE Chinese Characters

How Long This Course Takes

  • 30


    per day
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  • 6


    per week
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  • BasicLiteracyin 6 Months

What You'll Learn

Master Fundamentals

Learn most common Chinese characters 300-600

Communicate with Text

Learn to read and type in Chinese

Navigate China

Read signs and order off Chinese menus


Intermediate Level


How the Course is Structured

    1. 6


    2. 235


    3. 48


    4. 300


Each Lesson Contains the Following Tasks

1Learn Essential Characters

with short videos taught by Zhi Yun

2Type and Review Characters

using interactive flashcards

3Track your progress

with customized quizzes

4Ask Questions

and get quality answers from Yoyo Chinese teachers

Additional Tools

Review PDFs

Practice PDFs

Quiz PDFs

What Makes This Course Unique

Use of Images & Animations

Memorable Explanations & Stories

Cultural Insights

Focus of the Course

Simplified Chinese Characters