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Go From Learning Characters to Reading in Chinese

Learn Chinese with Comic Books

Step into the life of Zhang Ming, a typical Chinese office worker, in this Chinese Character Comic

Book Reader series made specifically with intermediate Mandarin language learners in mind.

Using the vocabulary drawn from the 600 characters featured in the first two Yoyo Chinese

Character Courses, with full translations and detailed academic notes, these readers are a fun way

to make the jump from learning Chinese characters to actually reading stories in Mandarin on your own!

Immerse Yourself in Real Spoken Chinese

Study Along with the Physical Comic Books

When Should I Start the Chinese Character Reader Course?

How the Course is Structured

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Each Lesson Contains the Following Tasks

1Watch Video Lessons

Each book is broken down into 2 page sections, with audio reading of the story.

2Break down the text

with detailed notes on the language, vocabulary, and grammar.

3Study Vocabulary

by using interactive flashcards.

4Track your Progress

with customized quizzes.