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Announcing #StayHome Pricing and Level 1 FREE

As the world faces the challenge of the coronavirus, we find ourselves at home and looking for ways to entertain and occupy our minds, engage with something positive, and help our children and ourselves continue studying and learning.

We hope studying Chinese online with our courses is a way for you to do all of these things - and we want to support you!

For the entire month of April, Level 1 of our Beginner Conversational Course (13 units with 45 lessons) is completely free. Following our daily study schedule (and studying about 30 minutes a day) Level 1 takes about one month to complete.

Furthermore, we have introduced special reduced pricing on all courses and bundles on Lifetime access to all courses and bundles is now 15% off, and will remain discounted through the entire month.

With Level 1 free, anyone can participate in our April Study Streak Challenge for an additional 30% off. Click here for more details on joining the challenge.

If more than one member of your household is studying, let us know for an additional family discount.

Start Now and Focus on Something Positive!

Spending 30 minutes a day with our lessons and reviews will help you make the most of this moment and make meaningful progress learning Mandarin. We hope our online courses can be here to help you focus on something positive (and fun!), and that through language learning and technology you can continue to reach out and connect with the world.

Start Level 1 now right now, with Unit 1, Lesson 1, "Chinese is Easier Than You Think":


Please check out our Store page for more details, or send us a message if you have any questions.