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Dialogue Replay Study Feature on Yoyo Chinese


One of our core teaching philosophies is that students need to be exposed to the Mandarin as it's actually spoken in the real world, not just standard "textbook" Chinese.  

We use real authentic dialogue filmed in China in our video lessons.  You always get a clear explanation of the conversation from Yangyang, but we also built a Dialogue Replay study feature to give you the ultimate tool to breakdown the real spoken clip.

Dialogue Replay lets you see (or hide) the Pinyin and Hanzi, and listen at different speeds.  Check out this clip of Yangyang and I demoing the Dialogue Replay:

We built the Dialogue Replay - and a bunch of other awesome study features - because you need more than just videos to find success learning Chinese.  We believe a good Mandarin program needs to be interactive, and give you a multi-faceted learning experience. 

The reality is that the way Chinese people speak in regular, casual conversation is not only faster than what you might hear in the classroom, but Chinese people will bridge words, smooth out sounds, and do all the normal things we do in our native language when speaking fast.

Yangyang and I actually had a great Youtube hangout teaching you how Chinese people ACTUALLY speak, and you can watch it here:

We hope you love using the Dialogue Replay and all the other study features on the website.  You can try it right now by going to one of the free lessons at the start of the Beginner Conversational Course.

As always, if you have any questions just let us know!


Here is a guide to using the Dialogue Replay tool.

First, click "Dialogue Replay" from the "Learn on the Go" box just under the bottom right corner of the video on the lesson page:

This will bring up the Dialogue Replay feature:

Here you can:

1.  view the dialogue in pinyin or Chinese characters

2.  toggle the English translation

3.  or change the audio between normal speed and slow speed

4.  Click each line to play the audio