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Interactive Flashcard Review Feature on Yoyo Chinese


Our interactive Flashcard Review is one of the most important study features as you learn Mandarin with the courses on our website.  

Check out this demo video to see how it works:

How It Works

These flashcards go beyond your traditional paper deck, with:

  • audio samples
  • voice recording 
  • interactive functions  

It's a more effective review, and it's also a lot more fun!

Our flashcard review feature uses the same spaced repetition learning philosophy as other flashcard programs, with our algorithm and your input crafting personalized "Up for Review" decks to help you learn.  

After each lesson, click "Start Practice" below the video.  After you practice speaking with the Audio Review (in our conversational courses), you'll get to the flashcard review for that lesson.  

Once you've completed the quiz, these cards will be added to your flashcard total.

Start each study session, or review on the go, by clicking "Flashcards" at the top of the website, and then "Up for Review":

There are over 10,000+ flashcards you can obtain and master as you go through our courses (which are tracked in your study stats).  

The flashcard review helps you learn and be certain you are not forgetting what you learned in previous lessons.  

Studying your Up for Review flashcards is one of the best ways to fit in a little Mandarin studying into your day, even if you only have a 5 minutes!  


There are three sections in the Flashcards tool:

1. Total: 

View all of the flashcards you've encountered in the Practice tool while studying lessons.***

2. Favorite: 

View your 'favorite' flashcards (you can favorite cards by clicking the 'star' symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the card) in the Favorite 

3. Up for Review: 

Review 'decks' of 25 cards at a time that are hand selected from your Total list based on their mastery level (you can see the level of mastery on each card below the favorite star). If you say a card is 'Hard', you will see it sooner. If you say it's 'Easy', you'll see it later and eventually be able to select 'Mastered' and remove this card from your Up for Review (but not Total) forever.

*** NOTE: Cards that use the button 'Listen' instead of 'Reveal' in the pinyin lessons of Beginner Conversational Level 1 are NOT added to the Flashcard tool. They are meant for listening practice only and not memorization of their meaning. All other cards are added for later review.

We plan on improving this feature based on your feedback. So please let us know in the comments if you have any thoughts, ideas, or questions about it. Thanks!