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Learn Chinese for Beginners: Chinese Phrase of the Day Challenge (Week 4)


A Whole Month of Chinese Down!

As of today, if you've been participating in our Phrase of the Day Challenge, you've been learning Chinese for a whole month! That includes learning over 30 common Chinese words, and how to use them in a sentence - great job! 

Remember, committing to studying for just a few minutes every single day will do wonders for your Chinese language learning journey! 

If you missed any of this week's lessons, or are just now finding out about our Chinese Phrase of the Day Challenge, it's not too late to join in!

  • Watch Week 1 lessons and download lecture notes here.
  • Watch Week 2 lessons and download lecture notes here.
  • Watch Week 3 lessons and download lecture notes here.
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Make sure to also keep an eye out of an announcement about a BRAND NEW contest which you can enter for the chance to win some great Yoyo Chinese prizes!

Now let's take a look at all 5 lessons from Week 4. You can download the Week 4 lecture notes here.

*TIP: In the Lecture Notes pdfs, scroll down to the bottom for links to relevant lessons in our courses. These lessons include flashcards, quizzes, and audio review mp3s to help you practice what you've learned!

Week 4 Lessons

Day 1

In this 3 minute lesson, Wei Wei will teach you how to explain yourself, by learning how to say "because" and "to think/feel"in Chinese. 

With these two words, you'll be able to start your sentences for explaining why you're learning Chinese, so be sure to check out Days 2 and 3, to finish the sentence!

Day 2

Today's quick lesson - only 2 and a half minutes - will teach you how to use 2 super useful words in Chinese - the verb 有, and the noun 意思. They can even combine to form a new word, which you'll learn in this video, as well as a super useful example sentence! 

Continue on to Day 3 to learn a really impressive Chinese sentence, and one you'll be using ALL THE TIME when talking to Chinese people!

Day 3

In this video, you'll be learning a REALLY important concept in Chinese - measure words, as well as the most common, useful one to know! 

After today's lesson, you'll be able to talk about why you're learning Chinese - with some really impressive grammar as well!

Day 4

You're going to learn two really useful words in Chinese today - including how to say the word "useful"! You'll also learn how to say yet another reason for learning Chinese, with another new sentence.

Day 5 - Review

Can you believe it? This marks the end of one WHOLE month of studying Chinese! Looking looking back at all the vocabulary and phrases we covered in Week 4 of this "Phrase of the Day Challenge", you should feel SO impressed with how much you've learned!

Today we'll revisit everything from this week's lessons, AND do a recap of all of the sentences covered in Month 1 of the Phrase of the Day Challenge! 

Week 4 Lecture Notes

Download this Lecture Notes pdf for a breakdown of the vocabulary and phrases in English, pinyin, and 汉字 (hàn zì)

Scroll down to the bottom of the Lecture Notes pdfs for links to relevant lessons in our courses. These lessons include flashcards, quizzes, and audio review mp3s to help you practice what you've learned!

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The Phrase of the Day Challenge is an easy, painless way to take your first steps learning Mandarin. Just hearing yourself saying a simple sentence in Chinese can be incredibly motivating.

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