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FREE Chinese Pocket Guide: Master the Trickiest Pinyin Pronunciations


Let's be honest: Chinese pronunciation can be tough for non-native speakers studying Mandarin... and not just for beginners!  You need all the help you can get.

Yangyang cover's 拼音 (pīn yīn) - the most widely used tool for learning Mandarin pronunciation - in detail in our Beginner Conversational Course.  We also created this interactive pinyin chart with audio and video demonstrations of every sound in Mandarin, with each tone, so you can really focus on the ones that give you the most trouble.

Now we've created one more awesome, FREE, resource to help you practice your Chinese pronunciation!  Our new Chinese Pocket Guide is designed to help you 'Master the Trickiest Pinyin Pronunciations', and make it easy to study on the go.

Download the Chinese Pocket Guide here, print it out, and in minutes you'll have this handy pocket guide to take with you and practice your pronunciation where you go.

Check out this 'How-To' demo video with step-by-step instructions for how to cut and fold the pocket guide, and read below for more info:

How to Make the Pocket Guide

Step 1: Download the book

Download the pdf for the Chinese Pocket Guide: Master the Trickiest Pinyin Pronunciations here.

Step 2: Print out the pdf

Make sure to set your printer to 'Fit' or 'Scale to Fit' to make sure it prints correctly:

Step 3: Make the grid

Cut the border off on all four edges of the sheet, along the scissor line provided.

You’ll first make your horizontal creases: Fold the sheet in half from top to bottom, then fold the top half in half, and do the same thing again for the bottom half.

Next, you’ll do the same thing to make your vertical creases: Fold the full sheet in half from left to right, then fold the left half in half and the right half in half as well.

You should now have the sheet fully folded into a 4 x 4 grid:

Step 4: Cut along the lines

Now, you should cut along all three dotted scissor lines. Make sure you don’t cut past the scissor lines!

Step 5: Make the book

First, fold the back cover in, behind the front cover. Then, open the sheet back up and fold the back and front cover in, so that they’re behind Pages 1 and 2.

*Tip: Use tape or glue to keep the blank side of the pages together. It’ll make it look nicer and a lot easier to flip through!

Now you’ll fold Page 2 in to Page 1, and fold Page 3 upwards (behind Page 2). Continue to glue or tape the blank sides of the paper together as you go along.

Next, fold Page 4 in to Page 3, and continue on folding each page according to these same steps.

Keep in mind that when you get to Page 7, you’re folding it down, and at Page 11, you’re folding it up again, like we did with Page 3 before.

When you get to Page 14, you can fold it in to the back cover and then glue or tape them together if you like.

There you have it! You made your very own handy guide to reference the trickiest pinyin pronunciations in Chinese! 

Start studying Chinese with us today!  The first 20 lessons are FREE: