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Best of the Yoyo Chinese Blog: Top Love & Dating in China Posts


Our Best of the Yoyo Blog series pulls together the most read, liked, and shared posts from our blog, organized by topic.  

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In the articles below, you'll learn everything to know about love, dating, and romance in Chinese culture.  From songs of love to the inside scoop on what Chinese women love about western men, there is a TON of valuable information in these posts!

The blog posts are each packed with useful Chinese vocabulary, with audio samples to help you perfect your pronunciation.  It's the perfect way to get insights into Chinese culture while improving your Mandarin.

[LIVE] How to Talk About Love in Mandarin Chinese

Join another live hangout on YouTube with Yangyang and Yoyo Chinese Product Manager Jason and learn how to talk about love in Chinese.  Learn how Chinese people ACTUALLY express their feelings in Mandarin.

5 Useful Words that Describe the Dating Scene in China

Understand some of the romantic and family pressures facing young Chinese people today, and learn what it takes to succeed in China’s ultra-competitive dating scene.

This is a terrific article that gives you insights into Chinese culture, while also teaching you fun (and useful!) vocabulary and slang.

How Dating is Done in China

When compared to most Westerners, Chinese people have very different expectations when it comes to their romantic partners. What's dating like from their perspective?

Whiny but Equal: Tantrums, “Sajiao,” and Chinese Feminism 

撒娇 (sā jiāo) is one of those great Chinese words for which there is no perfect English translation, but is a huge part of Chinese dating culture.  Read this blog post to understand what's really going on when you see a woman throwing a temper tantrum at her boyfriend, and how 撒娇 (sā jiāo) does and doesn't reflect gender roles in Chinese culture.

What to Expect When Dating a Chinese Guy 

Read about 7 things Western girls should know before dating a Chinese man.

5 Things Chinese Women Love About Western Men

Ever wonder what Chinese women think about dating Western men? Get an exclusive peek into the minds of half a dozen Chinese women, who tell us what they like best about dating a foreigner!

Love and Blood Types in the Chinese Dating Scene 

Are you looking for love in all the wrong…blood types? Read about how datable you are in China based solely on whether you are an A, a B, an O, or an AB.

Ultimate Vocabulary You Need to Survive (or Avoid) Valentine's Day in China 

Valentine's Day is here, but it's not all roses for everyone! Find out how Chinese people survive February 14th with these essential words and phrases.

4 Unique Ways Chinese People Socialize 

If you want to date in China, you'd better understand how to Chinese people like to socialize!  Did you know karaoke in China is really different from karaoke in Western countries? Find out why and learn about other unique ways Chinese people socialize in this week’s blog article.

6 Signs You're in a Close Friendship with a Chinese Perso

Are you getting closer to your Chinese "friend"?  Are you JUST in a "friendship"?  Chinese people treat their friends differently from how some westerners treat theirs. What comes off as rude might actually be a sign that they consider you a close friend. See what other signs you might have misinterpreted with this article.

Learn Chinese with Songs: The Moon Represents My Heart (月亮代表我的心) 

Learn one of the most romantic and famous Chinese songs -- 月亮代表我的心 (yuè liang dài biǎo wǒ de xīn) - "The Moon Represents My Heart" -- and impress that special someone!

Learn to Sing a Song of Love! 

Learn another song of love from Yangyang, then sing it to your love and win their heart.

No Apartment = No Girlfriend – China's Housing Crisis 

What does the housing market have to do with dating and romance?  How is the housing crisis in China affecting its young hopefully gentlemen? And what extreme lengths do people go to for home ownership? Read on to find out.

Chinese Weddings: How to be a Great Guest 

Learn all about Chinese wedding customs, and get the etiquette knowledge you need to be a great wedding guest.

How To Make Small Talk in Chinese 

You’re sitting next to a cute guy or girl on the bus, and keen to start up a conversation, you’re just not sure how. Learn how to make small talk in Chinese with our handy guide!

Chinese Dining Etiquette Survival Guide

Going on a date at a fancy Chinese restaurant?  Sitting next to that special someone at a big banquet?  Read our guide to dining etiquette and know exactly what you should (and shouldn't!) do.

Different Ways Chinese People Say Yes or No 

You've asked that special person on a date.  But, wait, did they just say "yes" or "no"?  Unlike English, there's no absolute words in Chinese for yes or no! Find out how Chinese people actually say yes or no!

We hope these blog posts have given you a deeper insight into love and romance in Chinese culture. Share your own stories and let us know which are your favorite posts in the comments below!