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Did You Know You Can Use Yoyo Chinese Like a Mobile App?


While we have plans to release a full-fledged mobile app in the future - for both Android and iOS - in the meantime, did you know you can already use Yoyo Chinese a lot a like mobile app right now?

Yoyo Chinese is Optimized for Mobile Use

As our mobile users already know, we’ve optimized the Yoyo Chinese mobile experience using something called responsive design’. 

What this means is that when you access Yoyo Chinese from any device, the design will respond to your device and fit the size of the screen. 

On mobile phones and tablets, the result is an experience that feels a lot like a mobile app with touch-based navigation and easy-to-access menus. 

You Can Add Yoyo Chinese to Your Home Screen

Did you know that on both Android and iOS you can add Yoyo Chinese to your home screen just like an app?


In Android, you can do this through Chrome following the steps below:

1.  Open Yoyo Chinese in your Chome browser

2.  Click the three-dot menu in the upper right-hand part of your screen

3.  Click the Add to Home Screen button

1.  Add the new icon to your Home screen

2.  Access Yoyo Chinese with ease!

On iOS, you’ll have to use Safari and can follow these steps instead:

1.  Open Yoyo Chinese in your Safari browser

2.  Scroll to the bottom and click the share icon

3.  Click "Add to Home Screen" from the sharing choices

4.  Confirm the name for the icon and click "Add":

There you have it!  An easy way to use Yoyo Chinese like a mobile app!  If you have any questions or need any help, just click the blue chat icon on to talk with us.

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Jason is the Product Manager at Yoyo Chinese. He spent many years in both Mainland China and Taiwan and is a lifelong Chinese language learner and e-learning enthusiast!

Thu, 17 Aug 2017 20:25:50 GMT

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