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Learn Chinese for Beginners: Chinese Phrase of the Day Challenge (Week 7)


This was an epic week in for your Chinese language studies! 

We continued to build up your vocabulary, focusing on useful words that we could combine with what you've learned in previous lessons to make some practice phrases and help you express your thoughts... in Chinese!

Review is more critical now than ever, so scroll down to watch all the lessons from this week and download the Lecture Notes pdf with all the vocabulary and related lesson links.

Yoyo Students Speaking Chinese!

You might have heard it takes YEARS to become fluent in Chinese - but that doesn't mean you can't start speaking right away!

Last month we had a contest asking fans of our 'Chinese Phrase of the Day Challenge' to send us videos using the phrases they've learned. It was AMAZING seeing our students from around the world speaking in Mandarin Chinese after only one month!

Check out this video and see how - with a little courage - you can start speaking Chinese right away!

We're going to have more fun contests and challenges coming up soon, so it's not too late to join the fun! 

Scroll down for links to lessons and lecture notes from previous weeks of the Chinese Phrase of the Day series.

Week 7 Lecture Notes 

Download this Lecture Notes pdf for a breakdown of the vocabulary and phrases in English, pinyin, and 汉字 (hàn zì)

Scroll down to the bottom of the Lecture Notes pdfs for links to relevant lessons in our courses. These lessons include flashcards, quizzes, and audio review mp3s to help you practice what you've learned!


*TIP: In the Lecture Notes pdfs, scroll down to the bottom for links to relevant lessons in our courses. These lessons include flashcards, quizzes, and audio review mp3s to help you practice what you've learned!

Week 7 Lessons 

Now let's take a look at all the lessons from Week 7!

Day 1 

In today's lesson you'll learn how to say, 'delicious' in Chinese. Wei Wei will also explain how to ask a question with "what", and help you understand the basic grammar with a few simple examples.

Do you get confused about the correct word order for Chinese sentences? Check out this lesson, the "Golden Rule of Chinese Word Order", and in less than 4 minutes you'll have it mastered:

Day 2 

One of the coolest things about Chinese is how individual words - with their own individual meanings - combine to form new words with new meanings! You'll see what I mean in today's lesson, where you'll learn two very useful words: 'however' and 'authentic'.

Day 3 

You "should" definitely watch today's lesson, because Wei Wei will teach you how to say "should" in Chinese! 

You'll also learn a very important word: 还是 (hái shì), which has a few really common uses.

Day 4 

In today's video, you'll learn an important word in Chinese that turns a STATEMENT into a SUGGESTION. It's not just a great word to use yourself - it's also important you can recognize it when you hear it in a conversation so you won't get confused!

As always, Wei Wei will give you a clear explanation of the grammar. When you get good explanations, you actually *understand* what you are learning and are motivated to learn more! 

It's one of our core philosophies, and one reason our courses have helped so many students get past the big challenges of learning Chinese.

Day 5 - Review 

Because each of these daily lessons is short and simple, you may not have noticed how much you've learned! You're already expressing your thoughts, asking questions, and forming long, complex sentences. 

That means it's getting more and more important to take the time to review what you've learned! Watch this WEEK 7 REVIEW lesson to go over the words and phrases from this week.

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Ready for More?

We hope this Chinese Phrase of the Day series has you motivated to take the next step and really commit to learning Chinese.

Your path to fluency is right here on our website! These 6 courses have 1,000+ fun, simple videos just like in the Phrase of the Day series, with 10,000+ flashcards and quiz questions to help you review.

Try the first 5 units (20 lessons) of our Beginner Conversational Course for FREE to see for yourself how our courses make it possible for anyone to master this amazing language.

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The Phrase of the Day Challenge is an easy, painless way to take your first steps learning Mandarin. Just hearing yourself saying a simple sentence in Chinese can be incredibly motivating.

We'll add these blog posts at the end of each week with the lessons, but you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the videos each day as we upload them:


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