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Fill in the Blank Challenge: Chinese Colors


When you start to learn beginner Chinese, you quickly realize that one of the biggest challenges is remembering all the vocabulary.

The key is to make sure you're including plenty of practice and review in your daily study sessions... don't just cram more and more new information into your brain! 

(If you need help organizing your studies, download our study schedule from our Download Center!)

With that in mind, we made this fun Fill in the Blank Challenge you can use to test your knowledge of Chinese colors. Download the challenge now, fill in the blanks, and check your answers below!

*PRINTING TIP: Make sure to select "Fit" on your printer settings!

We hope you enjoy this fun activity. Let us know if you want more of these kind of challenges in the future in the comments below!

Want to see how you did?

Scroll down for the answers!

Fill in the Blank Answer Key

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