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Learn Chinese with Rap: I Like to Eat Chinese Food


Learning Chinese with rap songs is just plain fun! Seriously, these songs will give you the bug for studying Chinese. Our newest song will teach you the correct way to say, "I like to eat Chinese food" in Mandarin. 

I'm pretty confident this song will get stuck in your head... and so will the lesson!

Check it out:

This music was written and performed by the incredibly talented Anthony Belanger and animated by our Yoyo Chinese team!

Lecture Breakdown

This song is fun, but I give you a more 'serious' explanation of the grammar and vocabulary for saying "I like to eat Chinese food" in our Beginner Conversational Course, Unit 8, Lesson 2:

Learn Chinese with MORE Rap Songs

If you loved learning with this fun rap song, we've got more for you!

Learn how to introduce yourself in Chinese with another awesome rap from Tony!

Sticking with the basics, this rap will teach you how to count in Chinese from 0-10.  

This song has over a MILLION views on YouTube, and will get stuck in your head:

Don't Stop Here!

Learning with songs is fun!  But if you're ready to get serious about learning Chinese, it's time to follow a structured course that will build up your skills in the right order and give you the tools you need to study.

Our Beginner Conversational Course has over 200 short video lessons, organized into a 6-month course, with interactive flashcards, audio reviews, dialogue replays, and quizzes after each lesson.  

You can go through the first 20 lessons for free before you decide if you want to study with us, so you have nothing to lose!  Start here with Lesson 1:

Want to learn Chinese Characters?

We recommend you first get a foundation for spoken Mandarin before you start to learn Chinese characters. 

It’s a lot easier to learn how to read and write when you already know the vocabulary and sounds the characters you are learning form.  And it’s a lot easier to focus on your pronunciation and the basic grammar and vocabulary of spoken Mandarin when you aren’t also trying to memorize hundreds of characters.

We recommend you first complete Level 1 of the Beginner Conversational Course before you start our Chinese Character Course I.  At that point you’re ready to start learning these amazing characters!

If you've been studying Chinese already, and want to start learning to read and write, our two Chinese Character Courses will teach you the most common 600 characters, which combine to form 80% of all written Chinese.  That's a lot!

You can check out the first 2 units of our Chinese Character Course for free, so check it out!  Start here with Lesson 1:

If you've already mastered around 400-600 characters, you're ready for our Character Reader Course!

This is a totally unique course, based on 3 fully illustrated comic books, to help you make the jump from memorizing characters to actually reading sentences and stories, in Chinese, on your own! 

Each lesson in the course has an animation of the comic books, with native speakers voice acting the text - giving you some 'real world' listening practice.  

Break down the text in English, pinyin, and Chinese characters with fast and slow speed audio in the Dialogue Replay.  Then go through the Lecture Notes for points about key vocabulary, grammar, and culture.  Flashcards and quizzes will help you retain what you've learned and test yourself.  

Check out lesson 1 here:

Glossy, full color paperback copies are also available on Amazon here.

Have a question?  Feedback on our rap videos or courses?  Let us know in the comments below!