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Learn Mandarin Chinese with Songs


Learning Chinese with music isn't just fun: it's effective!  

One of the biggest challenges when you first start studying Mandarin is simply remembering everything you are learning!  Songs with fun lyrics and catchy melodies get stuck in your head, so the lesson gets stuck in your head too!

When you're having fun and love learning the language, you stay motivated to study and keep making progress.  We hope these songs don't just teach you some basic Chinese, but give you the learning bug and inspire you take the next step and start studying with our courses.

Without further ado, enjoy these 8 songs for learning Chinese!

1. Learn Chinese with Rap: Counting 0-10

With over 1.4 million views on YouTube, this super fun video will make sure you never forget your Chinese numbers! 

It really proves that learning the basics doesn't need to be boring.  We even put it in our Beginner Conversational Course, so students can have a little extra fun as they go through the lessons.

Check it out:

2. 月亮代表我的心 - The Moon Represents My Heart

Ask any Chinese person what their favorite classic song is, and chances are that they'll mention 月亮代表我的心 (yuè liang dài biǎo wǒ de xīn)  - "The Moon Represents My Heart" by 邓丽君 (dèng lì jūn)  - Teresa Teng. 

Every time this love song about the moon is heard, friends and families get that nostalgic feeling for happy memories all over again. 

Watch the video to learn it now:

Read the lyrics in pinyin, Chinese characters, and English here!

3. Learn Chinese with Rap: How to Introduce Yourself

It's another one of our super fun animated rap songs, this time teaching you how to introduce yourself in Chinese!

Dig it:

This music was written and performed by the incredibly talented Anthony Belanger and animated by our Yoyo Chinese team!

More fun rap videos below!

4. La La Land Theme Song

Have you seen the movie "La La Land" - "爱乐之城 (ài yuè zhī chéng)"? 

I fell in love with music from the original soundtrack and I had to use it to write my next lesson! Here's the song I wrote, I hope you like it! 

Read the lyrics in pinyin, Chinese characters, and English here!

6. 我有一个好消息 - I Have Good News

5. Valentine's Day Song

7. 中文儿歌新年好 - Happy New Year

Learning Chinese with songs is fun, but if you're serious about mastering this language, we hope you'll take the full courses here on

Our structured courses give you clear explanations, and make it easy to make studying Mandarin a part of your daily routine.

Sign up and try the first 5 Units of our Beginner Conversational Course for free to see how we make learning Chinese possible.

Make a video of yourself performing one of these songs in Chinese and post the link in the comments below!

 We'll share our favorite videos with our community!

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YANGYANG CHENG is the founder of Yoyo Chinese and a TV personality. She taught Chinese to MBA students at Pepperdine University. Before that, Yangyang was the host of the popular entertainment TV show "Hello Hollywood!, bringing Western culture to tens of millions of viewers in China. Currently, she teaches Mandarin through video lessons on Yoyo Chinese, and can also be found hosting educational shows on popular channels like the Discovery Channel.

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