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Learn Chinese with Rap: How to Introduce Yourself in Chinese


Why is music such a great tool when studying Chinese?  Because it helps with the hardest part of learning a new language: remember everything you've learned!

A catchy melody, a funny lyric - these are powerful ways to make what you are learning stick.  

And besides: music makes learning Chinese more fun!

Learn Chinese with Rap!

With that in mind, we created this super fun, super helpful rap song and video, 'How To Introduce Yourself in Chinese'.  Check it out... we're sure this lesson will stick!

This music was written and performed by the incredibly talented Anthony Belanger and animated by our Yoyo Chinese team!

Want more fun rap songs to help you learn Chinese?  

Check out this video, 'Chinese Numbers: Learn How to Count 0-10 in Mandarin".  It has nearly 1.4 MILLION views on YouTube:

Learning Chinese doesn't have to be a boring struggle!  

Learning Chinese can be - and should be - a fun and uplifting journey!  

Start studying with our Beginner Conversational Course and see how we make learning this amazing language possible.  The first 5 units are free, so you have nothing to lose!  Go to Lesson 1 now!

You can also learn to read and write Chinese with our Chinese Character Courses and our NEW Character Reader Course.  The first two units of each course are free, so get started today!

Want even MORE of these rap songs to help you learn Chinese?  Let us know in the comments below!

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YANGYANG CHENG is the founder of Yoyo Chinese and a TV personality. She taught Chinese to MBA students at Pepperdine University. Before that, Yangyang was the host of the popular entertainment TV show "Hello Hollywood!, bringing Western culture to tens of millions of viewers in China. Currently, she teaches Mandarin through video lessons on Yoyo Chinese, and can also be found hosting educational shows on popular channels like the Discovery Channel.

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