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Yoyo Chinese STUDY STREAK Feature Demo


Like any new skill you are learning, speaking and understanding Mandarin takes daily practice to improve.  You don't need to study for hours and hours, but you do need to make a commitment to spending some time - even just 15 minutes - practicing every day.

The Study Streak is meant to help you make practicing Mandarin part of your daily routine.  It's one of our students' absolute favorite feature on, and is a surprisingly powerful tool for staying motivated while developing the most effective study habits. 

Check out the demo to see how it works!

Start Studying Now!

Learn to speak and understand Chinese with our Conversational Courses and learn to read and write with our Chinese Character Courses.  

The first units in each course are free, so check it out and see how we make learning Mandarin possible:

What's your longest study streak?  Let us know in the comments below!