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Make Desserts and Learn the Chinese Zodiac (Episode 6): Snake and Pig Ice Skin Mooncake

MILLIE | JULY 10, 2020
This is the FINAL episode of our “Make Desserts and Learn Chinese” video series! If you missed the other episodes of the series, you can check it out here: 

Episode 6: Snake and Pig Ice Skin Mooncake

Check out Episode 6 of the series below, where we learn how to make ice skin mooncakes - 冰皮月饼 (bīng pí yuè bǐng), that look like the snake - 蛇 (shé), and the pig - 猪 (zhū)

This just might be the cutest dessert we’ve made yet! 

You’ll also learn some interesting facts about these final two zodiac animals!

If you’re wondering what your Chinese zodiac is, you can find out in this handy infographic:

The Snake - 蛇 (shé)

The snake, or as some like to call it, the “little dragon” - 小龙 (xiǎo lóng), is prevalent in many cultures, such as Greece, India, Egypt, and of course China. It’s even featured in the logo of the World Health Organization.

Zodiac Years: If you were born in 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 or 2013, your Chinese zodiac is the snake.

Zodiac Traits: People that are born in the year of the snake are said to be intelligent, wise, persuasive, determined, humorous and rational. Those with the snake as their zodiac are often good with numbers, so they’re usually good at math and financial management. Their weaknesses include being jealous, sly, and suspicious.

Suitable Careers: Those with the snake as their zodiac are best suited for careers as artists, musicians, athletes, teachers, psychologists, politicians, and management positions.

Compatibility: The snake is most compatible with the dragon and rooster, and least compatible with the tiger, rabbit, snake, sheep, and pig.

The Pig - 猪 (zhū)

The pig is the very last animal in this video series, and it just so happens to be the last animal within the official order of the 12 Chinese zodiacs! 

Chinese people really love the pig, particularly from the popular children’s show, Peppa Pig. While the word “pig”, like in English, can also have a negative meaning in Chinese, it’s actually a really great zodiac to have! People believe the pig is a symbol of wealth, luck and honor.

Zodiac Years: Anyone born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 has the pig as his/her Chinese zodiac. 

Zodiac Traits: People born in the year of the pig are said to be kind-hearted, optimistic, generous, gentle, direct and loyal, so it’s no surprise that they also have many friends. Their weaknesses include that they are gullible, impulsive, and due to their direct nature, they sometimes have trouble communicating.

Suitable Careers: Those with the pig as their zodiac are best suited to be teachers, coaches, veterinarians, doctors and police officers. 

Compatibility: They are most compatible with the tiger, rabbit and sheep, and least compatible with the snake and monkey.

Key Vocabulary in Episode 6 

  • 月饼 (yuè bǐng) - mooncake
  • 冰皮月饼 (bīng pí yuè bǐng) - ice skin mooncake
  • 澄粉 (chéng fěn) - wheat starch
  • 熟糯米粉 (shú nuò mǐ fěn) - glutinous rice flour
  • 白油 (bái yóu) - shortening
  • 水 (shuǐ) - water 
  • 白砂糖 (bái shā táng) - granulated sugar
  • 鸡蛋 (jī dàn) - egg
  • 无盐黄油 (wú yán huáng yóu) - unsalted butter
  • 奶粉 (nǎi fěn) - milk powder
  • 糖粉 (táng fěn) - powdered sugar
  • 色素 (sè sù) - pigment/food coloring
  • 小龙 (xiǎo lóng) - little dragon
  • 蛇 (shé) - snake
  • 小猪佩奇 (xiǎo zhū pèi qí) - Peppa Pig
  • 猪 (zhū) - pig         

These ice skin mooncakes look delicious - try making them at home!

Recipe Ingredients:


  • Unsalted butter: 80g
  • Granulated sugar: 70g
  • Egg: 150g
  • Wheat starch: 30g
  • Milk powder: 60g


  • Glutinous rice flour: 100g
  • Shortening: 25g
  • Cold water: 70g
  • Powdered sugar: 75g
  • Food coloring: use as desired (a few drops)

Order of the Chinese Zodiacs

Below is the official order of the 12 Chinese zodiacs:

1. 鼠 (shǔ) - mouse/rat

2. 牛 (niú) - cow/ox

3. 虎 (hǔ) - tiger

4. 兔 (tù) - rabbit

5. 龙 (lóng) - dragon

6. 蛇 (shé) - snake

7. 马 (mǎ) - horse

8. 羊 (yáng) - sheep/goat/ram

9. 猴 (hóu) - monkey

10. 鸡 (jī) - rooster/chicken

11. 狗 (gǒu) - dog

12. 猪 (zhū) - pig

Learn More

我们介绍的六个甜点当中,你最想尝尝哪个? (wǒ men jiè shào de liù ge tián diǎn dāng zhōng nǐ zuì xiǎnɡ chánɡ chanɡ nǎ ɡe?) -  Out of all six of the desserts we introduced to you, which one do you want to try the most?

Let us know in the comments below!

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