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Chinese Phrase of the Day Challenge (WEEK 15)

WEIWEI LIU | MAY 08, 2020

Congratulations on reaching WEEK 15 in this Chinese Phrase of the Day Challenge!

Below you can: 

  • watch all 5 lessons from this week
  • download the Week 15 Lecture Notes pdf 
  • find links to previous lessons and Lecture Notes

Week 15 Lessons 

Day 1 

After today's video you'll be able to talk about the recent past with the word "yesterday", and say sentences like, "Last night I met with friends," in Mandarin.

We'll also add a new vocabulary word: 告诉 (gào su), which means to tell, or let somebody know something.

Day 2 

Today you'll learn how to say "if" in Chinese using the word 的话 (de huà), with some example sentences to help you use it correctly.

If you learned to say 如果 (rú guǒ) for "if", mixing in 的话 (de huà) is a great way to add variety to your sentences and sound more like a native speaker. 

Day 3 

Today Wei Wei will teach you the word 愿意 (yuàn yì) - to be willing - and show you how both characters combine to form the meaning of this word. It helps you see that Chinese is actually a very logically constructed language!

We'll also cover another "helpful" word - 帮 (bāng) - which means... "help"!

There are a lot of great example sentences in this lesson, and we'll break them down together.

Day 4 

Our first word in today's lesson is really a useful word... it's: "really" - 真的 (zhēn de)! We'll also cover 开心 (kāi xīn) - happy. The characters that form 开心 (kāi xīn) translate to "open" and "heart"... a pretty great way to express "happy" right?

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Day 5 - Review 

We'll review all the vocabulary and phrases from the week in today's lesson. 

Week 15 Lecture Notes 

Download this Lecture Notes pdf for a breakdown of the vocabulary and phrases in English, pinyin, and 汉字 (hàn zì) from Week 15. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the Lecture Notes pdfs for links to relevant lessons in our courses. These lessons include flashcards, quizzes, and audio review mp3s to help you practice what you've learned!


*TIP: In the Lecture Notes pdfs, scroll down to the bottom for links to relevant lessons in our courses. These lessons include flashcards, quizzes, and audio review mp3s to help you practice what you've learned!

Missed a lesson? Just joining us? 

Watch lessons and download the Lecture Notes PDFs for previous weeks here:

Take the Next Step

Next week is the LAST WEEK of new vocabulary and phrases, and then we'll have some big comprehensive review lessons in the following weeks. Almost 4 months after your first day learning Chinese, you can now speak and express yourself in Mandarin!

We hope after this series is over, you'll continue to study Mandarin with us here on! 

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