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Yoyo Chinese October Study Streak Challenge


The Study Streak Feature

We often talk about "learning" Mandarin Chinese, like you just need to gain some knowledge and you'll be able to speak Mandarin.  

But these are actually skills we acquire gradually, like learning to play an instrument or shooting a basketball.  Anyone who practices these skills every day will improve.  

Of course some will improve faster than others, and some people genuinely have a gift for languages.  But if you make practicing a part of your daily life - even just 30 minutes a day - you WILL get better.

The Study Streak feature on really helps motivate students to make studying Mandarin a part of their daily routine.  Once you get a streak going, you want to keep it going, and in doing so you see your Mandarin really start to progress. 

Watch this video demo to learn how the Study Streak feature works:

Join the Challenge

We want to reward your good study habits, so we're excited to announce our October Study Streak Challenge!   

We had our first study streak challenge back in January, and another one in June.  But this time we're doing it a little differently! 

New Rewards

In our previous challenges, we randomly selected 10 students who maintained a study streak through the whole month and gave them each a free course of their choosing.  

Here are the 10 winners from the previous challenge:

But we also saw so many students keep up great streaks throughout the month, and get no reward if their streak was broken - even just one day, even on the last day of the challenge!  So this year, we're changing it up!

Anyone who completes a 15 day study streak any time in the month of October will automatically receive a 15% promo code for any course on Yoyo Chinese.  (We'll send out the promo codes after the challenge is over, the first week in November.)

If you maintain a study streak for the full 31 days in October, you'll automatically receive a 31% promo code!

Finally, like in previous challenges, we'll select 10 random students who kept their study streak through the whole month, and give them one free course of their choosing!

How Does the Study Streak Work?  

It's easy!  Just complete at least 1 Quiz session within each 24-hour period to maintain your Study Streak each day.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re going through new lessons or going back to review.

You can see your Study Streak and other study stats on your Home page when you log in each day:

* PLEASE NOTE:  The 24 hour study streak clock resets at midnight Pacific Standard Time  (UTC−08:00 timezone).  

Click the "i' for information next to "Study Stats" on your home page to see how much time is left in the current 24 hour clock, and if your study session for the day is complete:

If you have a problem with your study streak, click the chat icon to talk to student support or send us an email at

How Do I Join?

Just sign up and start studying!  All you have to do is keep your study streak going from October 1st through October 31st and you are eligible to win!

It doesn't matter what course you are studying, if you are studying old lessons or going back to review: you just need to keep your daily study streak going!

Receiving Your Reward

When the month is over, we'll email a 15% promo code to all students who maintained a 15 day study streak in October.  We'll email a 30% promo code to all the students who maintained their streak for the full 31 days.

We will then randomly select 10 students from all of those who kept their study streak through the whole month.  These ten students will be given any one course of their choice for free!

Start Studying

New to learning Chinese?  Start here with our Beginner Conversational Course:

Already studied a little Mandarin?  Try our Intermediate Conversational Course:

Feeling pretty advanced?  Move past "textbook" Mandarin and improve your real world spoken Chinese with our Upper Intermediate Conversational Course:

Learn to read and write Chinese with our two Chinese Character Courses.  These two courses cover the most common 600 characters, which combine to form 80% of all written Mandarin:

Have a question?  Click the blue chat widget on the website, or send us an email at