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All About Our Six Course Bundle


***Update! 10/15/2021***

We've since launched a brand new version of Yoyo Chinese that introduces a completely fresh design and a bunch of new features and tools you can use to enhance your Chinese language learning experience on Yoyo Chinese! As a part of this update, we've also updated our pricing and we no longer sell the 6-Course Bundle. Instead, the new Yoyo Chinese has a single 'full' Lifetime Access option that will grant you full lifetime access to not only all 6 courses and features in the old 6-Course Bundle described below - but all future courses we may release as well! Yup! That means with one purchase of the new full lifetime access, you won't need to purchase future courses, like the upcoming Advanced Conversational Chinese course, as they'll automatically accessible right when they release. :) Everything in this post other than pricing is still relevant though, so continue below to read about our 6-Course program and how it can help you master Chinese with Yoyo Chinese!

***Original Post Below***

There are 1,000+ video lessons on, organized into 6 structured courses. These 6 courses form a comprehensive program for developing your Chinese language skills and give you a clear path to Upper Intermediate level.

The 6 Course Bundle gives you a HUGE discount for purchasing all 6 courses.

What Does the 6 Course Bundle Include?

The 6 Course Bundle includes:

3 Conversational Courses

3 Chinese Character Courses

It also includes two bonus video series: Chinese Grammar and Chinese Learning Tips.

Check out this video to learn more about the program:

How Long Does it Take to Complete?

Each course takes about 6 months to complete, studying 30 minutes a day. Most students can finish all 6 courses - reaching a high level of fluency and literacy - in about 2 years.

Of course each student is different! If you are able to spend more than 30 minutes a day studying, you'll likely complete these courses more quickly! And if you take longer, that's OK too!

What Order Should I Go Through These Courses?

We recommend you start with the Beginner Conversational Course and first get a foundation for spoken Mandarin before you start to learn Chinese characters. 

When you complete Level 1 of the Beginner Conversational Course you're ready to start our Chinese Character Course I. Study the Chinese Character Course alongside the Beginner Course. 

When you finish Beginner Conversational, move on to Intermediate Conversational while continuing to study the characters. When you complete Chinese Character Course I, you can move right on to Chinese Character Course II.

When you complete Chinese Character Course II, you’ve learned all of the characters you need to take our Character Reader Course. This unique course, based on three original comic books, will help you make the jump from memorizing characters to reading actual sentences and stories, in Chinese, on your own!

We recommend you wait until after you've completed the Beginner and Intermediate Conversational Courses before watching the Grammar and Learning Tips video series, before you move on to the Upper Intermediate Conversational Course. These series have a ton of practical, useful information that didn't quite fit into the first two conversational courses, but should definitely be watched!

Purchase the 6 Course Bundle Now!

We hope you enjoy studying Chinese with us! 

If you have a question or need help, click the blue chat icon or email and our student support team will reply as quickly as possible!