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Over the years, we've heard a lot of wonderful stories from Yoyo Chinese students who've recommended Yoyo Chinese to a friend or family member who has then gone on to find real success learning Chinese with us. That makes us very happy! 

Of course as a business we want as many new students as we can find, but more than anything we just think it’s great that not only do our students enjoy our courses enough to want to recommend them to friends and family, but also that it means even more people out there are able to make their dream of learning Chinese become a reality. 

Purchasing content  for a friend or family member on Yoyo Chinese is nice and simple. All you have to do is:

1. Login to your Yoyo Chinese account

2. Head to the Store page and click the “Buying for a Friend?” link at the top of the Store page

3. You’ll be redirected to the ‘Gift Store, and from there you can add whatever content you’d like to purchase to your cart and click the Go to Checkout like normal.

You’ll receive an email confirming your purchase and there will be a record of your purchase in your Order History like usual. (To note, our refund policy for gift purchases is the same as normal purchases: if requested within 15 days a full refund will be issued to the purchaser)

4. During checkout you’ll be able to provide the email address of the person you’re purchasing for as well your own name so that your gift recipient knows who gifted them the content.  

5. If you’d like, you can also choose when the person you're purchasing for will receive notification of their gift using the calendar (Christmas is coming!).

If the person you’re buying for doesn’t have a Yoyo Chinese account already - no worries! We’ll create an account for them and make sure they know how to login and access their new content when we inform them of their gift. 

And that’s it! Once you’ve purchased, your giftee will receive notification of their new content on the day you specified and you’re good to go! 

So - 节日快乐 - Happy holidays! And as always 加油! with your Chinese studies and let us know if you have any questions!

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YANGYANG CHENG is the founder of Yoyo Chinese and a TV personality. She taught Chinese to MBA students at Pepperdine University. Before that, Yangyang was the host of the popular entertainment TV show "Hello Hollywood!, bringing Western culture to tens of millions of viewers in China. Currently, she teaches Mandarin through video lessons on Yoyo Chinese, and can also be found hosting educational shows on popular channels like the Discovery Channel.

Tue, 24 Nov 2020 22:10:01 GMT

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