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Introducing Our New Upper Intermediate Conversational Course


We are excited to release Level 1 of our new Upper Intermediate Conversational Course!  

We did a Live hangout on YouTube going over the new course, and at the end we answered a bunch of questions from Yoyo Students... check it out:

What You'll Learn

I went to the four biggest cities in China to film the course, capturing unscripted interactions with my friends, family and even strangers.  

The course combines these mini-documentaries and interviews with classroom lectures where I break down the dialogues and explain the vocabulary, grammar, and cultural points from the footage.

The course has a truly unique curriculum that exposes you to the way Chinese people from different regions and walks of life actually speak Mandarin. The conversations cover a wide range of topics, and are authentic, personal, and occasionally even emotional.  

The language used runs from the most colloquial and casual to highly educated, formal Mandarin. In my classroom lectures, I use standard pronunciation and a 50/50 balance of Chinese and English, so you get listening practice to both "textbook" and "real world" Mandarin.

How We Make the Lessons Stick

Just like our Beginner and Intermediate conversational courses, the new Upper Intermediate Conversational Course also has interactive flashcard reviews and quizzes, audio reviews you can stream or download for each lesson, and lectures notes for studying offline.  

The course is also perfect for using our Dialogue Replay feature, which lets you really break down every part of the conversations from the lessons.  You can toggle between the original audio or a slow speed, standard pronunciation for each line of dialogue from the footage in the lesson.  You also have tools to switch between pinyin, Hanzi, or English translations.  

The Upper Intermediate Conversational Course will help you take your Mandarin out of the classroom and into the real world, while giving you a deep look into modern day China.  

Release Schedule and Purchasing Options

Level 1 of the new Upper Intermediate Conversational Course is available now, with the remaining levels launching one each month until all six levels are released.  

You can still purchase the full course right now at a discounted price.  As new Levels are released, they'll automatically be added to your account. See the level release schedule below:

To celebrate the launch of the new course, we're also offering a 30% discount if you purchase the course before the end of the day on Monday, November 27th.  

That means during this sale, you can purchase the full Upper Intermediate Conversational Course for only $104, before it goes back up to $149!

Watch the first lesson now:

We hope you love learning Chinese with our new Upper Intermediate Conversational Course!  If you have any questions or need any help getting started, just click the blue icon in the bottom right corner of the website to send us a message, or you can leave a comment below!