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Join Our July Study Streak Challenge


Congratulations to everyone who complete the challenge! Here are the winners:

The key to making real progress learning Chinese is to practice every single day.  It's that simple!

To motivate our students, we included a 'Study Streak' counter in the Study Stats on their Home page.  Complete at least one quiz every 24 hours and watch your daily study streak go up!  Students love to try and beat their personal best.

Watch this demo to learn more about how the Study Streak on works:

Join the July Challenge!

To give you extra motivation, we're excited to announce our July Study Streak Challenge!

All you need to do is maintain your study streak on all 31 days in July and you will automatically win a 31% promo code for all of our courses and course bundles.  (That's up to $155 off if you purchase our 6 Course Bundle!)

We'll also randomly select 10 students who completed the challenge and give them a free course!

How Does the Study Streak Work?  

It's easy!  Just complete at least 1 Quiz session within each 24-hour period to maintain your Study Streak each day.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re going through new lessons or going back to review.

You can see your Study Streak and other study stats on your Home page when you log in each day:

* PLEASE NOTE:  The 24 hour study streak clock resets at midnight Pacific Standard Time  (UTC−08:00 timezone).  

Click the "i' for information next to "Study Stats" on your home page to see how much time is left in the current 24 hour clock, and if your study session for the day is complete:

If you have a problem with your study streak, click the chat icon to talk to student support or send us an email at

Students love the Study Streak Challenge!  

This is the fourth time we've done a Study Streak challenge, and the responses from students have been AMAZING:

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