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Learn Chinese with the La La Land Theme Song


Have you seen the movie La La Land (ài yuè zhī chéng 爱乐之城 / 愛樂之城)? I fell in love with music from the original sountrack and I had to use it to write my next lesson! Here's the song I wrote, I hope you like it! 

I included the Chinese, Pinyin, and English translation below, and I hope you can learn a useful Chinese phrase or two! :) 

- Yangyang 

zhè ge shì jiè hěn měi hǎo



This world, it's so beautiful.

这个 / 這個 (zhè ge):This + generic measure word (ge)
世界  (shì jiè):world
美好 (měi hǎo):wonderful

Learn more about Chinese measure words

nǐ yǒu méi yǒu yòng xīn zhǎo



Have you ever really looked?

用心 (yòng xīn):diligently, attentively
找 (zhǎo):to look for, to search

nǐ shì wǒ xīn zhōng de bǎo



You are the treasure of my heart.

我心中 (wǒ xīn zhōng):in my heart
宝 /
 (bǎo): treasure

kě shì nǐ dōu bù zhī dào


But you don't even know.

可是 (kě shì):but/however
知道 (zhī dào):to know
你不知道 (nǐ bù zhī dào):You don't know.
你都不知道 (nǐ dōu bù zhī dào):You don't even know.

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