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Join Our June Study Streak Challenge 2018


Take the Challenge!

The key to making progress learning Mandarin is to study every single day.  

Learning a language is like exercise: it's far more effective to run 20 minutes a day (if you do it EVERY day) than to run for 8 hours on the weekends.

To help you adopt this daily study habit, we're excited to announce our June Study Streak Challenge!   

We had our first study streak challenge back in January, and the response was amazing!  So many students commented that the challenge motivated them to study every day, and that they saw real progress with this great study habit.  

We had promised to give five random winners a free course, but with so many students completing the challenge, we gave away 10 free courses and a discount code to ANYONE who kept their streak up the whole month.  Check out the winners of the last challenge:

All Yoyo Chinese students who maintain a daily study streak through this June 2018 will be automatically entered into the contest.  We'll select 10 random students who kept their study streak through the whole month, and give them one free course of their choosing.

How does the Study Streak on Yoyo Chinese work?  

Complete at least 1 Quiz session within each 24-hour period to maintain your Study Streak each day.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re going through new lessons or going back to review.

You can see your Study Streak and other study stats on your Home page when you log in each day:

* PLEASE NOTE*:  The 24 hour study streak clock resets at midnight Pacific Standard Time  (UTC−08:00 timezone).  

If you have a problem with your study streak, click the chat icon to talk to student support or send us an email at

How Do I Join?

All you have to do is keep your study streak going from June 1st through June 30th and you are eligible to win!

It doesn't matter what course you are studying, if you are studying old lessons or going back to review: you just need to keep your daily study streak going!

The Winners

When the month of June is over, we will randomly select 10 students from all of those who kept their study streak through all 30 days of June.  

These ten students will be given any one course of their choice.

The Secret to Success

If you have the dream of being able to speak fluently in Chinese, to be able to read Chinese characters, or to open the door to Chinese culture, there's really just one big secret to success: 

Practice.  Every.  Single.  Day!

Join our June Study Streak Challenge and motivate yourself to study Mandarin every day this month.  By the end of even one month, you'll be amazed at how far you've come!

If you plan on joining the challenge, give us a shout in the comments below, and keep us posted on your daily progress!