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Chinese Comic Strip Challenge: The WINNER and RUNNERS-UP



We were just BLOWN AWAY by how many students participated in this fun comic strip challenge - and how AMAZING your entries were!

We hope these contests help you apply what you're learning in a fun way, and give you the satisfaction of using the Chinese you've acquired.

Our entire team cast ballots to determine the winner - and we've also included some of the runners-up below.  

EVERYONE who participated in the challenge received a 30% promo code as a reward for your creative work! 

The Winner

It was SOOOO hard to choose a favorite, with all the fantastic submissions.

By popular vote in our team, we selected Zac from Tennessee as the winner with this clever entry:

If you're just starting to learn Chinese, here is the translation of Zac's winning comic, so you can enjoy it as well:

Panel 1: It’s so cold! My glasses have even started to fog up!

Panel 2: Wait a moment, I can’t see clearly, what’s this? Is it a ghost?

Panel 3: Ahhh! What do I do!?

Panel 4: A: Save me! There’s a ghost here!  B: What is wrong with him!? There’s only a tree there!

As his reward, Zac got a free course on, and he chose our Intermediate Conversational Course!

The Runners-Up

We wanted to share some of the other GREAT entries from other students.

Here are some of the other comics students submitted that received several votes from our team, and their translations:

Paul Piebinga:

Panel 1: It's so cold! Where is she? I can't see clearly who this is!

Panel 2: Ah, hi! It's nice to meet…

Panel 3: What!?

Panel 4: A: You look really different from your photo! The photo was photoshopped!  B: Do you trust selfies?

Amanda Florian:

Panel 1: Wow! Tonight it's not only cold outside, it's also windy! I don't want to go to class!

Panel 2: Ah! Who… who are you?

Panel 3: I can't see clearly, am I dreaming?

Panel 4: A: Sorry, I don't have time, I'm already late! Teacher, classmates, wait for me!  B: David?

Hubert Tse:

Panel 1: I want to become a tree…

Panel 2: How about this one?

Panel 3: Transform!!!

Panel 4: A: This is too much! I'm going to go home and eat!  B: Are you having a stroke!?

Simon Richards:

Panel 1: The weather is so cold today.

Panel 2: Hmm, what's that?

Panel 3: I can't see clearly. Is it a ghost?

Panel 4: A: Run quick! It's a ghost!  B: What's wrong? It's just a tree!

Special Mention: Handwritten Chinese Characters!

We also wanted to give a special mention to the students who wrote their 汉字 (hàn zì) - Chinese characters - by hand!  

For example, this great entry by Paul Friedel:

Handwriting Chinese characters isn't essential to learn to read and write Chinese, and today most Chinese is typed into devices, not written by hand.  But practicing handwriting characters has many benefits- both to your Chinese studies and your overall wellness.  

Check out our 'Complete Guide to Chinese Handwriting' here.

Want More Chinese Comics?

We hope you had a BLAST with this comic strip challenge!  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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