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Try The New Quiz & Flashcard Mastery on Yoyo Chinese!

Before getting into both Flashcards & Quiz Mastery specifically, let's first take a look at the new Mastery section on Yoyo Chinese and how you can use it to review thousands of flashcards & quiz questions found among the 1,000+ lessons in the Courses on Yoyo Chinese - every single one in fact!

Master Yoyo Chinese Courses... by the Level

A while back we released a brand-spankin new version of - the same one you’re on right now reading this post! One big part of the updated new is a brand new section called Mastery.

In the Mastery section you can drill - sometimes almost endlessly! - the lesson content found in the practice & quiz activities in our 6 Courses/1,000+ lessons from the Learn section.

So what’s the difference between normal Practice & Quiz and the Mastery section versions of those activities?

In the Mastery section each of your 'decks' contains Quiz questions, Flashcards, etc. from an entire Level of a course, rather than just from one individual lesson like you would normally find in the Learn section.

And because the selection of the Quiz questions, Flashcards, etc. is semi-random each time you use the tool - this provides a new and rewarding challenge: recalling what you've learned from the 30-40 lessons found in each of the 36 Levels found in our 6 Courses. 

That’s a lot of content to master! In fact, currently on Yoyo Chinese, in total there are:

  • 13,594 Flashcards
  • 9,080 Quiz Questions
All waiting for you to master!

Mastery Algorithms & the Magic of Memory Science

Both the Flashcards & Quiz Mastery tools also keep track of which specific Flashcards and/or Questions you're having trouble remembering well. Using that information, we can then improve the tool's ability to select the optimal Questions/Flashcards for you to review in each session - as well as measure more accurately the Questions/Flashcards you've clearly committed to long-term memory and do things like grant you XP (experience points that go towards your Yoyo Level) and remove the Mastered cards from your deck, etc.

The Quiz & Flashcards tools each handle their 'Mastery algorithm' differently, but both apply the fundamental principles of something called, "spaced-repetition", or "spaced-repetition systems" - i.e. learning systems that use algorithms which utilize existing research on memory science to help improve long-term memorization. (You can learn more about SRS here.)

Uber-strict adherence to SRS systems isn't something we were interesting pursuing because we feel that the best way to 'memorize' isn't necessarily the best way to 'master' and so instead will continue to monitor, update, and improve our tools and their algorithms with your feedback in order to make the tools as best for each individual students as possible.

What Yoyo Students Have to Say

While we only just released the Quiz and Flashcard Mastery tools to all users on Yoyo Chinese, both have available for our lifetime members and/or subscribers (soon-to-be lifetimers as we like to call them!) for some time and they've been enjoying the tools to say the least!

Check out what they have to say!

Come Try it Out!

Both the Flashcards Mastery and Quiz Mastery are now live and available to all Yoyo Chinese users! We encourage you to come try them yourself and experience how fun and effective learning Chinese can really be!